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Accounts Update

Note :

1. There is still pending online transfer of RM2050.00 from Woon King Chai’s account which will be cleared in two days. To all those that have donated, thank you very much. I personally apologize for the late update.

2. The withdrawal of RM100.00 on the 14th of October 2010 is to reimburse Izmil Amri Ismail, as he loaned us the RM100.00 to open up the account at CIMB. Opening an account at CIMB now requires a minimal deposit of RM300.00. We only had RM200.00 at that point.

3. Thank you very much to those who have generously donated.

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Welcome to the Student Freedom Fund temporary webpage!


This is a temporary webpage created specifically to host the financial record of the donation collected from the generous public as well as the amount spent using the Student Freedom Fund.


Do bear in mind that this is just a bare-bone version of the website as we try to further improve this site with more detailed information regarding the fund including further details on the background and objective of this fund. It is very much still WORK-IN-PROGRESS.


The reason why we decided to put up such a bare-bone version of the website so that we can immediately put up details on the total amount of donations collected from the generous public and also the amount spent using this fund. This is to ensure transparency and accountability of the public funds, generously donated to further the struggle for student freedom and liberty in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, feel free to check out the following pages:

Thank you very much for your support and if you wish to make a donation to the Student Freedom Fund, you may do so at the following account details:


CIMB Acc. No.: 12490098507528

Name: Lingswaran Singh


Don’t forget to leave us with your comments and suggestions on how to make this page A LOT better (as you can obviously see, it’s not very complete). So, tell us what you think!


– Student Freedom Fund (Admin)



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